The Top 5 Best Mobile Apps of 2016

Smartphones have become everyone’s extended appendage. People don’t leave home without it, and it has replaced organizers, calendars, navigators and other everyday necessities. It’s an all-in-one device that is compact, portable, and totally interactive. Smartphones are able to do a multitude of functions because of the countless apps that users install on their phones. Here are the best mobile apps of 2016:

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps has proven to be an indispensable tool when it comes to location and navigation. More importantly, it shows other pertinent pieces of information such as traffic data, closest rest stops, gasoline stations and more. You don’t need to be online all of the time to be able to access information. Google Maps is used in conjunction with Waze, which has become the go-to app for avoiding traffic jams and finding your way around the

  1. LastPass

LastPass is an ingenious app that is constantly being updated to remain two steps ahead of the competition. This is a password manager that allows users to share log in details to various important accounts with the people they work with. LastPass can now be used for free on mobile if you purchase a premium subscription. This way, users can easily sync from desktop to mobile and vice versa. LastPass solves the simple everyday problem of remembering all your usernames and passwords in various accounts. The good thing about it is that you can use it on any number of devices you may have.

  1. Nova Launcher

This app is one of the more advanced ones in the market. This launcher app has the ability to restore home screen setups as well as back them up. It works primarily for Android phones and allows users to customize and create different themes for the home screen, app drawers and many more. There is a free and premium version. The latter allows people to work on gesture controls as well as icon swipe actions. Users have given it glowing reviews.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey Keyboard app is hailed as one of the best customizable keyboards. This app is known for its predictive engine and the number of users have just grown over the years. It is free to download and you can customize it with different themes. It allows for faster typing, a dedicated row for numbers, syncing across different devices and many more. This app is owned by Microsoft and is said to be one of the company’s few saving graces.

  1. Wunderlist

With everyone’s busy schedules, to-do lists are essential to getting things done. Wunderlist helps app users keep track of the myriad of tasks they have to accomplish within the day. There is a free version that works well for home or work-related tasks while the pro version is best suited for businesses and heads of organizations. Wunderlist can work with grocery lists and even sends reminders when tasks are due to be completed.

These are just five of the most helpful apps in the market today. Expect more complex and awe-inspiring apps to roll out in the next few months.