Where to Get the Best Gaming Equipment

Where to Get the Best Gaming Equipment

Pro games are only as good as their next kill, but your fate in your gameplay destiny is only as good as your weapons of mass destruction. If tournament championship has started to become elusive and harder to attain, maybe it is time to upgrade your machine to make faster and more responsive.

Gaming Computers

As the largest chain of retail stores for computers, PCWorld covers everything from servers, hardware, software and even offers advice from experts who have tested the products from a variety of manufacturers in their publication. When looking into upgrading your rig, one of the best places you can visit is their retail stores and talk about the many components that you can tweak and configure to greatly improve your gameplay. Here are some things that you can focus on to get maximum improvement at a very short period. When you are working on a relatively aged computer, you might consider changing the CPU, the motherboard, the video card, and possibly adding a few RAM or HDD. The rule of thumb is, if your CPU and mother boards are more than two years old, yeah, no more thinking about it, go ahead and do that upgrade.
Updating the RAM doesn’t really speed up the computer, but the process of swapping the game footprint from the RAM to the HDD does slow down your PC every not and then. There are a lot of RAM hungry games out there and if your favorite games are one of those, I suggest that you look for a better RAM that can cater to these games. Last on the list of easiest gaming upgrades for the graphics card, all though hardcore gamers will always tell you to put this first on your list. Changing from the integrated graphics card in your computer to a dedicated one will show you why it should have been done in the first place.


Gaming Keyboard

Same rule of thumb, if your keyboard is a little over two years, you might want to consider changing upgrading your gaming keyboard. A lot of manufacturers have announced their 2017 keyboard releases and its features and functions. If it is about that time, the best place to visit is this website, Amazon and Bestbuy where you will find the best keyboards in the market. First on everyone’s wish list, as can be expected is Razer. Blackwidow Chroma is a specially engineered piece of technology that will bring you’re a-game to another level. It has fully programmable keys plus five additional ones. Another one on the top list of keyboards is Corsair’s Strafe RGB Silent-Ultra Quiet Keyboard. A first impression would always be that there seems to be nothing special, aesthetically speaking, this keyboard looks like any other keyboard, but Corsair has done it again. They have lived up to expectation and have delivered a hardware that meets the standards of the market by coming up with its fully integrated noise reduction mechanized keyboard that is durable enough to withstand long playing hours.

Gaming Mouse

Similarly with the gaming keyboard, the best place is still Amazon or Best buy, but the market is now saturated with no other name but RAZOR, particularly its DeathAdder Chroma. This mice has topped the charts and killed the competition with its 99.4% resolution accuracy which is unheard of anywhere. With this number, you are expected to see pointer where you expect it to be. A lot of testers rave about its ergonomic curves and comfortable button placement. No matter how small or how big your hands are, you won’t need to strain your hands. It is also made with customizable buttons for those preference that will ensure you get to cast your spells whenever you need them and the ability to change the DPI on the fly which was developed in tandem with Omron. Customization has become a standard with all the mice maker that plan to make a mark in the gaming world, but the DeathAdder comes with the Razor’s Synapse which is still be best one tested and trusted by a lot of gamers. For those who are not a big Razor’s fan, there is Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum . It also has programmable buttons- 11 to be exact as well as DPI in-game shift like the Adder. It is also a great gaming mouse as the Adder with the same comfort and ergonomic design for all hand sizes. The Logitec software has prebuilt profiles for your installed games and it even suggests game-specific commands automatically as it has detected in your computer making customization easier, just make sure to save these settings that you have created onto your computer’s memory instead of the mouse memory.